Social Media Marketing

Facebook Page Management


If your social media management needs go beyond your expertise or your available time to keep it up then we can manage your page by one of our creative staff. 


We'll handle it all for you! Everything frrom optimization, to reputation management, daily posts, contests, graphics, like campaigns, cross promoting & more!

Facebook Ads, Offers & Contests


Ads - Find people near your business with accurate targeting and

increase foot traffic with ads that bring new customers into your store, drive sales and build loyalty with consumers.

Offers - Increase sales by reaching existing and new customers with a relevant offer. Offers are built to share and are a great way to get people talking about you on Facebook and you can track and measure the success as they claim and redeem the offers.
Contests - Engagement is the name of the game on Facebook for businesses. One sure way to boost engagement on any page is to entice fans and non-fans to engage through a Facebook contest.

Facebook & Twitter Page Optimization


Facebook enhances your businesses organic listing, improves brand reputation, and allows you to offer unique deals. SLIM Marketing's social media marketing services for small businesses includes setup and optimization of your company's pages with customized content based on keyword research.


The main objective for setting up a Facebook business page or Twitter account is to create highly-optimized, custom pages that strengthen and support your website and offer an additional channel for customers to find and engage with your company.


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