Small business owners often have this burning question on their minds – what forms of marketing should I use that will drive more customers?


slim MARKETING solves real business problems.
We put smiles on people’s faces. We have an unwavering determination to help “brick-n-mortar” business owners keep up with the rapidly changing world of marketing and advertising.


The marketing landscape is full of traditional agencies,

one-dimensional specialists, and countless companies selling “the next best thing” with no education or well rounded strategy attached to it. Which of course results

in wasted money or slow results.


Enter…. SLIM marketing.


Our approach is in the name: Social. Local. Internet. Mobile.


We believe one of the biggest things small business owners need is a marketing agency to pull everything together, help them understand digital marketing, and do it for a price….that they can afford.


Our approach to pricing is in our name as well:  slim – truly our goal is to provide small businesses a comprehensive well balanced marketing strategy that can be executed quickly and has a “slim” cost with fat returns! 

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