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marketing agencies in Des Moines Iowa


You Should Be Focusing On Your Business.
We Should Be Managing Your Digital Marketing.

"Every business owner deserves to have a marketing company that exceeds their expectations"


Ever ask yourself, "what forms of marketing should I use that will drive more customers?"  Most business owners have more than once. Some have a very tough time finding the right answer. 


We love solving real business marketing problems.
We love to put smiles on our clients faces.


We have an unwavering determination to help “brick-n-mortar” business owners keep up with the rapidly changing world of marketing and advertising.


The marketing landscape is full of traditional marketing agencies, one-dimensional specialists, and countless companies selling “the next best thing”. Some have no education or well rounded strategy attached to it. This always results in wasted money or slow results and usually a frustrated client... you!

digital marketing agency des moines IA

Wasted money or slow results are not acceptable at this digital marketing agency




Tailored Solutions to  Achieve Your Goals
Understanding Your Business

First, we take the time to research and learn about your business. Since our marketing agency has been operating for over a decade we have worked with almost every type of industry. However we realize that even similar types of companies can operate very differently. 

Our main focus is uncovering your pain points, learning about your goals, the timelines for those goals, and your current marketing efforts.

Once we get to know you and get a good overview your business, we can formulate a marketing strategy for you and present our recommendations.

marketing strategy
Best Practices & Quality Work
digital marketing services

Not all marketing agencies are "created equal". Let's just say some value quality and some don't.


SLIM marketing and all of our staff are committed to always using best practices online when performing any work. This is the foundation of quality work when it comes to providing digital marketing services

Our goal is always to exceed expectations and build trust. We make sure that the work we do for all of our clients is done with integrity and would always be considered quality work.

Exceeding Expectations

We love transparency! We hope you do too. That is one of the ways we strive to exceed your expectations. Being transparent about pricing, timelines, tasks, and results helps us build trust with you and put your mind at ease. We're always striving to be the top trusted IA marketing company in your eyes and the public eye!

At the same time we are always monitoring the campaigns we are working for you to get your phone ringing more and more with the customers you want.

top trusted IA marketing company
5 star review for slim marketing agency
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